About us


Gábor Merfelsz and Krisztina Arató established the Merfelsz Winery Co. in 1999. Gábor Merfelsz was born in Szekszárd and his grandparents had a well-known “tsharda” in the outskirts of Szekszárd and cultivated a vineyard with the Hungarian grape-type “Kadarka.”.

We process exclusively our own grapes from our vineyard of almost 6,5 hectares out of which 100% is our own planting. Our lands lie in fields of good quality in six different places. We gathered our first full crop in 2006.

Our types consist of exclusively red wine grapes both international and local types and partly new or new types in winemaking: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zweigelt , Blaufrankish /Austrian types/, Kadarka, Nero /Hungarian types/, Muskateller from Hamburg. The colorful grape-sortiment and the different types of micro-climate in the area are excellent circumstances for making cuvee wines.

By September 2005 our winery and cellar in Szekszárd were established by renovating a wine cellar originating from 1832. Steel tanks with heater and cooler capability, steel machines for grape processing and a modern bottling facility form the main engineering part of the winery. We are steadily increasing the number of barrels as the wine production is increasing aiming at a top production capacity of 40,000 bottles. The wines range from rosé to fruity, light wines and to mature full-bodied red wines .

We continuously participate in wine competitions of the Szekszárd region. All of our wines received medals during the last four years.

The most important awards are the following:

  • our Blaufrankish 2000 received a gold medal and got the price of “Best Blaufrankish in Szekszárd” at the same time
  • our Primus Cuvée wine 2003 received the great gold medal at the wine- competition in Szekszárd
  • our Blaufrankish Rosé wine 2005 received the silver medal at the “Vinagora” international wine competition
  • our Nero Rosé Wine 2006 received the gold medal and the special prize of the Rosé Competition of Santa Claus Day
  • our Blaufrankish Rosé wine 2006 received a gold medal and became the “Best Rosé of Szekszárd”

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