Wine list

  2015 Bel Canto

Merlot as its backbone which defines its colour and fruitiness finetuned with the excitement delivered by Cabernet Sauvignon. Ideal for friendly gatherings, evening chats.

  Bikavér -Bull’s Blood from Szekszárd 2016 - This wine has been bottled to honour the several centuries old tradition of making Bull’s Blood in Szekszárd. It contains 50% Kadarka and Blaufrankish which offer its fruitiness, carrying recognisable charasteristics of Szekszárd at the same time.
  Cabernet Franc 2017 - The selected grapes are grown on the fields of the highest hills in Szekszárd. They are of extremely good quality and proceed to undergo a drastically restricted grapes production, tender processing procedures, exact and timely operations in the cellar to include all our dreams of this wine. Mixture of tastes, scents, colours, smiles and great moments are poured into the glass.

2016 Tsokoláta

96 % merlot from one vineyard and 4 % cabernet franc from one vinyard. Franz Liszt liked red wine from Szekszárd very much. In his letters he called it „NECTAR SEXARDIQUE”. It is not a tale,wittnesses are Franz Liszt’s letters to Baron Antal Augusz kept int he Museum of Szekszárd. Perhaps, such wines inspired the name „NECTAR SEXARDIQUE”.


2015 Petite Tsokoláta   


Consists of the merlot grown on our estate. After aging in mixed barrels, the attractive merlot characteristics have come to light.


Doppio 2015

Doppio, that is dual. This wine is the intersection of two internationally known grape types: Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The aim was to show the finer, easily accessible, exciting and substantial sides of both wines together. Late harvest, utilisation of barrels and ripening in bottles – all of these have worked to achieve this goal.

  Éjszakai Repülés / Night Flight / 2016

My Father is a pilot. Once he told me a story of an exciting flight , dark night and exciting adventures  played the main role. My Father was born in Szekszárd, he likes very much the red wine coming from there.  Especially the ones  which  are like this flight: dark and exciting. I dedicate this wine to my Father,  Merfelsz István, the pilot.
  Nero-Medina 2013

Both Nero and Medina types are resistant, no need for spraying of the grapes. This means that their anti-oxidant content is huge. The wine of this cuvée is slightly aromatic and deep coloured.
Prima Volta 2013

Prima volta – meaning  wine of Nero and Rösler types was produced for the first time in Hungary. These are resistant  types, no need for spraying of the grapes.Its wine has huge  anti-oxidant content ,  its colour is deep, its taste is exciting.  Prima volta, first time but not the last.
  Tūzvirág / Fire Flower / 2015

Fire  flames are deep red, like the colour of this wine. This wine hits all our senses like the fire. Beside the vintage year also the types Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon care for the high and hot flames.
  Esti  Csók /Night Kiss / 2015

When upon  tasting  a wine  old rememberances come up in our minds then this wine can get the name „ Night Kiss „. This was the case with this wine.  Blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Zweigelt. After careful bottling the wine is still ripening  in the dark and cool cellar.