Nectar Sexardique ®



From the beginning of 2007 the Merfelsz Winery has been marketing two wine-families. We offer quality rosé and red wines in the traditional quality with the usual label of medium price range. We rank our wines in the Nectar Sexardique wine family, a patented brand in use exclusively by us because of outstanding quality for slightly higher price but still in a good price-quality ratio. These wines could also be labeled as “Selection”.

Where does this title come from? In the centre of Szekszárd you can still find the Augusz-house where Ferenc Liszt was a guest several times. Liszt did not only enjoy the hospitality of baron Antal Augusz during his stays in Szekszárd but also got acquainted with the wines of Szekszárd. Ferenc Liszt - who was of Hungarian origin but did not speak Hungarian - speaks of the wines of Szekszárd as”nectar sexardique” repeatedly. The formulation by Ferenc Liszt exactly covers the characteristics of the wines made by us. We would like to bottle the nectar of outstanding grapes grown in the fields of the Szekszárd area.

Each member of the wine-family is characterized by high quality individual flavour. First in the row of the new brand “NECTAR SEXARDIQUE ®” is our Blaufrankish rosé wine from 2006 which won the price “Best Rosé of Szekszárd”.

Starting in autumn 2007 our winery will introduce new “NECTAR SEXARDIQUE  ®” wines.